German Delegation Visiting the Project Partner in Grimstad/Norway

From June 14th to 17th of 2014 a four-person delegation of the German Child Protection League, state association Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, stayed at the Norwegian project partner for an information visit.

The Norwegian head of the project Arve Konnestad and his colleagues had a very comprehensive and interesting schedule prepared for the visit. To begin with the group from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern took part in an official meeting of young mentees with migratory background and their future mentors in Grimstad. That offered to the German visitors the opportunity to get to know the various agents and participants of the norwegian mentoring program and to have a debate with them.

The next day the delegation met at the Norwegian partner institution “Kvalifiseringstjenesten Grimstad commune”. It is a governmental qualification and integration institute for foreigners of any nationality, which emigrate to Norway or are taken in as refugees. For certain young or underage participants of the qualification program temporary partnerships are arranged within the scope of the mentoring project.

After the head of the institute Hilde Weidemann had given an introductory talk about the institutes approach to its work at large, the agents of the refugee departments of Grimstad, a representative of the job management and the social services department as well as the responsible staff member for children day care followed with introductions on their work. Subsequently the German representatives visited a daycare facility for children and had a debate with the staff members of the Kvalifiseringstjenesten about the situation of day care in Norway.

The exchange program ended with a visit at the Norwegian child protection organisation “Stine Sofies stiftelse” in Grimstad. This organisation was founded by Ada Sofie Austegard 14 years ago, after her little daughter became the victim of violent crime. “Stine Sofies stiftelse” is by now one of the most well-known Norwegian child protection organizations and possesses a broad spectrum of preventive offers for parents and educators.


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