What a wonderful world…

I have never dreamed about being a mentor. I thought I am not patient enough, and I am not good at working with small children.

But my auntie told me, that I should try it, because I am a writer and I could be a great idol for our little mentees. She thought, I can support their reading and show them, that it is still IN to read and to write.

So, I said YES, I can be a mentor, and I have never regretted my decision. J

I have an opportunity to spend my free time with our lovely little mentees and I can try how it is to be like a mum, too.

And of course, I could travel to Norway for two days for having a meeting with great people from Norway and Romania.

I have never been in Norway before. I just saw some photos from my friend who lives there and I wished to visit such an amazing country in the future.

And then, my dream definitely comes true!

It was unique opportunity to be at the meeting, where were a people from Slovakia, Norway, and Romania.

I could improve my English skills during the speaking, I could share my opinions connected with being a mentor a I could listen views of other members.

For me, the best part of our program was time spend with Norwegian mentor and time spend with Norwegian mentees. It was a big motivation for me to be still better and better mentor.

I listened a lot from Norwegian mentors, about their work and about their activities, which they do with their mentees. It was great to listen to each other and to share our experiences together. It is more effective to see and to talk about it in the reality, not just to read about it on the Internet, or watch a video about mentoring system.

As far as the mentees are concerned, I really like Norwegian idea, to choose the refugees for mentees. It is a great way how to integrate them into the society in the country. I was really pleased to meet Norwegian mentees and to talk with them about this program for them. I could see, how happy they are for being a part of our program. And mainly, how grateful they are for a chance to live in such safe country, where they do not have to be afraid of about their life.

During the time spend at the meetings I found out, that it does not matter the age of mentors. I saw a video from Switzerland and there were mentors who were retired people. It was a surprise for me to see how nice it was for little mentees to spend time with their old mentors and to learn baking, for example. I always thought, that mentors should be just young people, who are full of energy, but after watching a video I realised that also retired person can be active, helpful and attractive for children, too.

It was a great chance for me to be in Norway. I liked our meeting which started with a singing the truthful songs about our wonderful word. I will never forget friendly people we made there. The foreign people who visit Slovakia always say about us, that Slovakian people are really hospitable, but I think, Norwegian are more than we are. So, we should learn from them.

And of course, big thanks to our hosts for ordering such a beautiful weather. It was indescribable for me to see the Sun again after two weeks! J

See you soon, my dear friends from Norway and Romania, I hope                    Ivana Furjelová



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