4th Partner Meeting in Germany

The LeGMe partner organizations from Germany (DKSB), Italy (CESIE), Lithuania (MDC) and Romania (CILSDGC) met in Schwerin (Germany) on February 5-6, 2015. This fourth partner meeting provided the opportunity to discuss the ongoing mentoring activities, and to meet the key-players: mentors, mentors’ coaches and mentoring programme coordinators from the four countries.
After a welcome and presentation of the agenda by Carsten Spies (the coordinator of the hosting organization), each partner had the opportunity to share their learning from the implementation of their respective mentor training/coaching programme: positive aspects, challenges, experiences related to the use of the monitoring & evaluation tools used, etc. Each presentation was followed by a question and answer session, and the presenters also received constructive feedback. After the coffee break (a very important informal moment for the participants to get to know each other better), we were divided in national groups and then in two groups (Romanian with Lithuanians, Italians with Germans) to discuss improvements we may want to make to our respective mentor training/ coaching programmes, and effective practices we may want to share from our mentor training. The outcomes of this session fed into the working meeting of the project coordinators and mentors’ coaches in the afternoon; here we agreed on the structure of the Guidebook for mentors and mentoring programme coordinators presented by Ariana Vacaretu, the general project coordinator from CILSDGC. Meanwhile, in three other training rooms, the mentors met in mixed country groups to share their mentoring experiences.
The second day was mostly dedicated to visits. First, we visited the State Parliament Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Schwerin Castle, where we met with a deputy of the Parliament to talk about volunteering at local level and to present the LeGMe project. Next, we crossed Lake Schwerin to get to an island where we met the people in charge of the “Jugendfirma INSEL DER CHANCEN”, a youth company working with people with limited opportunities. Once back on mainland, we gathered at the DKSB office to conclude the meeting with planning next steps and evaluation of the experience.
Many thanks to Carsten and team for this enriching experience.

See you all in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.



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