A Grundtvig partners meeting was held in Zagreb

The penultimate meeting of the project partners’ „Learning to be good mentor“ was divided in two separate meetings in order to maintain successful and deeper discussion of mentoring programs. Both meetings were held on 5 and 6 February 2015. One meeting that was held in Zagreb, Croatia with the participation of partners from Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland and the Croatia and the other was in Schwerin, Germany with the participation of partners from Italy, Lithuania and Romania.

At the meetings were presented partners’ mentoring programs that included carried out activities, the feedback of participants, used tools of monitoring and evaluation. All partners gave feedback on the implemented programs on the basis of obtained information in order to review programs.
Also, the criteria was defined for the preparation of Mentoring program guidelines that was created in the next period of the project. The guidelines are a joint document of partners that will serve all interested stakeholders in the future implementation of mentoring programs in partner countries.
As part of the Zagreb meeting, partners had the opportunity to visit the Elementary school Matko Laginja whose children participated in Forum’s mentoring program. School pedagogue, Mrs. Jelena Bičanić intorduced the partners to the structure and operation of the school. Also, during the meeting the partners had the opportunity to meet and talk with mentors who participated in the program as well as with external expert Gordan Šimunković, which was also a trainer and supervisor of the mentoring program.
The final meeting of partners was held in May 2015 in Romania. The project was implemented within the Lifelong Learning Programme, the Grundtvig program.


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